Core Meltdown: Exercises For a Powerful Core

The core muscles are located in the abdominals and lower back. The core itself is more or less a new-age term that bodybuilders in past decades never used. As physical training evolved, the importance of the core was recognized. Physical trainers have begun to see how the body stabilizes and itself and where much of a person’s power comes from. Yes, from the core. Here are a few exercises for a stronger core.

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This is the prime exercise for a strong lower back. The important thing to note when performing deadlifts is that you have to engage your core and keep a straight back. Not only does a deadlift strengthen your back, but it also works out almost every other body part, including your wrists.

Russian Twists

Russian Twists are exercises that work the obliques of the abdominal muscles as well as the abdominals themselves. By twisting the body and engaging the sides and lower abs, you can harden the core and take one step closer to the abs you’ve always wanted.

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No matter the variation, planks are always amazing core exercises. Holding your body in a plank position tenses shoulder, arms, chest, legs, and of course, core muscles. If you’ve gotten stronger and an ordinary plank bores you, then there are many other ways to spice up the exercise.

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Winter Has Not Come Yet: The Long Wait For Got Season 7

I am pretty sure that most “Game of Thrones” fans cannot wait for winter (and spring) to be over. After all, it has been more than six months since season 6 ended, and the series’ legions of fans wanted more, especially now with no book to placate their yearning for what’s transpiring (and not) in Westeros. With season 7 due this summer—no official announcement has been made yet by HBO regarding the date, but leaked report suggests a June 25 premiere date)—fans just have to content themselves with what they can scour online.


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I do suggest, however, that fans practice vigilance when reading any updates regarding our beloved series. Spoilers, or should I say speculations, abound online. And as much as I want to know now if the remaining Starks have finally reunited or if Daenerys has arrived successfully in Westeros, I refuse to click that spoiler-full link. I suppose one of the many reasons GoT remains a very successful series is that fans eagerly anticipate each episode regardless of the multitude of spoilers available online.ep60-ss11-1920

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Now, if you are looking for ways to pass the time before season 7 begins, here are some suggestions:

Relive the tale once more by re-watching seasons 1 to 6. I know many fans do this, probably looking for hints or clues about future episodes.
Read the books. I think many fans have yet to read George R.R. Martin’s masterpiece. Now is the time to start. I believe one cannot fully appreciate GoT without reading the books.
Look for a new show to watch. HBO has a full lineup of programs for fans suffering GoT withdrawal. Streaming giant Netflix also has new and returning shows to offer. But among the many programs meant to address one’s GoT fix, “Vikings” is your best bet for an epic narrative.

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