Certified EDM classics that shaped the genre

EDM is probably one of the most controversial genres of popular music. And do not get me started on arguments about their perceived popularity. Its strongest advocates and stingiest critics can spend hours fighting over classifications, definitions, and other cultural implications of the term and the actual music. Talk about the death of EDM is just around the corner, and it might be timely to discuss “classics” and how certain tracks have defined the genre’s status.

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Here are some of the iconic EDM tracks that any fan should know:

“Strings of Life” by Rhythim Is Rhythim (1987)

Probably one of the most essential EDM classics and surely one that is crucial to the development of the genre. Many fans and producers still go back to this track to mark standards. People may classify this as techno, given Derrick May’s pivotal role in the Detroit techno scene, but this is as much an EDM song. Even without a bassline, this hard-thumping track ruled the party.

“Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites” by Skrillex (2010)

One of the most “hated” EDM artists ever, Sonny John Moore aka Skrillex, revamped (or for some irked critics, destroyed) the dubstep subgenre and subculture in Britain. The only way to describe dubstep in the hands of Skrillex is to affix the phrase “on steroids” to the term. But the complexity and energy of the rhythms can be interesting aspects of the track.

”Levels” by Avicii (2011)

This progressive house piece is on a completely different plane and easily one of the best tracks. It features a sample from “Something’s Got a Hold on Me,” with that scintillating Etta James vocals. The synth riffs are enough to blow your mind.

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Two life lessons you can learn from watching ‘One Piece’

With well over 700 episodes and counting, any true fan will tell you that One Piece isn’t just an anime, but it’s a way of life. If you’ve been watching the show from day 1, you’ll have invested so enough emotion in the characters that when one of them died, you’d mourn. For this reason, “One Piece” has taught me more about life than any other piece of literature could.

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The following are just two of the countless life lessons one can learn from “One Piece.”

1. Never give up

The trope of most anime protagonists is their unwavering ability to remain optimistic and believe in their dreams despite moments of immense difficulty. Luffy has an unbreakable will, and he never doubts himself for a second.

2. You don’t always have to win to be a hero

There are many times characters in this show have given it their all, even though they knew they didn’t stand a chance. This anime taught me that even if trying is the best you can do, you can never feel ashamed because you tried your best. Thank you, Usopp.

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How To Balance Working And Working Out

Balancing work and your personal life can be difficult. One thing that has helped me is to always remind myself that I “work to live, not live to work.” This can be hard at times, especially now that I have a demanding job that’s physically exhausting. However, to maintain good health I make sure that I squeeze in some time for workouts.

Here’s what you can do to balance work and working out.

Schedule your workouts

And stick to it. It’s often tempting to skip your scheduled workout sessions and just crash into your bed after work. You’ll get used to it in no time. Having an organized planner can make all the difference in making time for all your appointments. There are many apps out there designed to do just that.

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Pack your gym bag in advance

Being prepared and ready to exercise is a great way to weed out some excuses why you can’t stay fit and be active. When we get home, we usually just want to rest, so preparing to go to the gym could be the last thing on our minds. Pack your gym clothes in advanced and leave it in your car or your locker.

Have someone go with you (optional)

If you can, have someone go with you. It’s a lot better if there’s more than yourself to motivate you to go to the gym. Set a goal together and help each other reach it.

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Mumble Rap:Why Hip Hop Artists Are Divided On It

First of all, it’s not as though new rappers like Lil Yachty or Lil Uzi Vert coined the term. Mumble Rap is generated by the internet, partly as a derogatory take on hip hop’s latest incarnation.The phrase stuck, a reference to the laidback rapping style and perceived laziness in the lyrics of some new-school rappers.

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Of course, fans everywhere will have their little say on the matter. If you want to go popcorn mode on this, just visit YouTube comment boxes on videos of new hip hop artists. Some rappers are more vocal, fueling the beef between old school and new school on Twitter and other social media.

It’s nothing new, really. As hip hop continues to evolve, phases like this tend to happen. Older rappers and hip hop fans tend to stick to a particular style, perhaps out of nostalgia, perhaps as a way of defending the ways of the previous generation. Followers of Kanye West will have a hard time dealing with those of, say, Tupac or Rakim. The Jay-Z and Nas debacle had its time. Kendrick Lamar’s and Drake’s might just be starting.

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But you decide. Have a listen and check out videos by ‘branded’ Mumble rappers, such as Desiigner, Young Dolph, Migos, and the previously mentioned Lil Yachty and Lil Uzi Vert.

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The Rugby Fitness Routine

One of the most interesting athletic competitions in the world today is rugby. It takes a lot of wits to win the game. Rugby is a most enjoyable sport that requires a lot of serious conditioning too. Many who play it would argue that for the most part, they spend an even bigger amount of time working on their physique.

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The main principle in maintaining a rugby-worthy frame is to bulk up. Here are a few elements that are simply indispensable to the rugby fitness routine.

1. Pump a lot of iron. Rugby players are also body builders. There simply is no other way to maintain a hulky frame but to beef up. Muscles get big because of them undergoing resistance that is greater than the normal weight of human limbs. There simply is no sense in doing free weights if you are a rugby player. Quite frankly, if you are not bent on lifting weights, maybe rugby is not the right sport for you.

2. Use the medicine ball a lot. The medicine ball has proven to be a perfect tool for familiarizing the body with the dynamics of using an external object to do work, which is also typical in ball handling sports like football and even basketball. This trains the body to attain stability and balance, and it also adds flexibility to the torso.

3. Run the field. Rugby is about carrying the ball and barging through opponents. Your strength may be your biggest asset, but if you can’t run, then that makes it one degree easier for your opponents to beat you.

Wallabies World Cup Training Camp
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These methods are inclusive in a rugby player’s routine, and ultimately these will help you become fit enough to be in the game.

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Core Meltdown: Exercises For a Powerful Core

The core muscles are located in the abdominals and lower back. The core itself is more or less a new-age term that bodybuilders in past decades never used. As physical training evolved, the importance of the core was recognized. Physical trainers have begun to see how the body stabilizes and itself and where much of a person’s power comes from. Yes, from the core. Here are a few exercises for a stronger core.

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This is the prime exercise for a strong lower back. The important thing to note when performing deadlifts is that you have to engage your core and keep a straight back. Not only does a deadlift strengthen your back, but it also works out almost every other body part, including your wrists.

Russian Twists

Russian Twists are exercises that work the obliques of the abdominal muscles as well as the abdominals themselves. By twisting the body and engaging the sides and lower abs, you can harden the core and take one step closer to the abs you’ve always wanted.

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No matter the variation, planks are always amazing core exercises. Holding your body in a plank position tenses shoulder, arms, chest, legs, and of course, core muscles. If you’ve gotten stronger and an ordinary plank bores you, then there are many other ways to spice up the exercise.

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The Other ‘Friends’: Recurring Cast Members That Made Us Laugh Nonstop

“Friends” may have ended more than a decade ago, but its wit and story still makes some (or most) of us laugh like there’s no tomorrow. Aside from our beloved main characters, there were recurring roles that made the show a bigger hit. Here’s a quick look on some of them.

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Frank Junior

This oddball was, undeniably, related to the great Phoebe Buffay. He was Phoebe’s weird half-brother, which kind of explains their relation. His weird, shocking lines made us love him more. Who wouldn’t forget when he shouted, “My sister is having my baby!”? I almost choked the first time I saw that scene!


Oh. My. Gawd! It’s Janice! She’s lovingly irritating, and we all knew why. Her love for Chandler was something that always made us do a facepalm, and her brief relationship with Ross made all of us laugh out loud. Her character was brilliant, and she’s something we can’t shake off our minds that easy.


The barista at Central Perk has a name. Gunther was always present, with his eyes glued to our Rachel. Remember that time he bought Rachel’s “cat” for more than a thousand dollars? Well, I bet that was an act of unconditional and creepy love.

Jack Geller

Jack Geller, the father of Monica and Ross, was the dad you always wanted to have but would be embarrassed to be seen in public with. He made scenes way funnier than planned with his inappropriate remarks.

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Mike Hannigan

It’s Crap Bag, the husband of Princess Consuela Bananahammock! Mike was surely the perfect fit for Phoebe, and we all loved how he stood up for her no matter what the situation was. I believe he came on the show a bit too late, but he’s better late than never!

I’m sure you miss “Friends” just like I do. Now, let me look for my boxset and indulge in a few episodes. Bye!

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