Boxing Greats: The All-Time List

If we had a penny for every fighter who declared himself the greatest of all time or the best ever, we’d have a lot of pennies. However, even with the number of the great fighters that have come in generation after generation, only a handful have been considered as part of the all-time list. Let’s take a look at some of them.

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Muhammad Ali: Ali is undoubtedly the brightest light the boxing world has ever known. He had it all: charisma, skill, and belief in himself. No other boxer in history would ever be as popular and as well-loved.

Sugar Ray Robinson: Often placed at the top of greatest pound-for-pound fighters’ lists, Robinson was a champion’s champion. He defended his belt on a weekly basis and had everything a boxer needed to clean out divisions.

The Four Kings: As a collective whole, Sugar Ray Leonard, Tommy Hearns, Roberto Duran, and Marvin Hagler ruled the middle divisions of boxing for a good decade-and-a-half. They were never afraid to face each other and had unparalleled boxing techniques uniquely their own.

Mike Tyson: Kid Dynamite or Iron Mike – this man was a force of nature. At his peak, no other fighter stood a chance. He was as fast as he was powerful. And nobody could penetrate his defense.

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Roy Jones Jr.: It is universally believed that a Roy Jones Jr. at his peak was the most talented and skillful boxer in history. Although he was often criticized for fighting tomato cans, it was only because of how easy he made it look when he beat every fighter that came up against him.

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Winter Has Not Come Yet: The Long Wait For Got Season 7

I am pretty sure that most “Game of Thrones” fans cannot wait for winter (and spring) to be over. After all, it has been more than six months since season 6 ended, and the series’ legions of fans wanted more, especially now with no book to placate their yearning for what’s transpiring (and not) in Westeros. With season 7 due this summer—no official announcement has been made yet by HBO regarding the date, but leaked report suggests a June 25 premiere date)—fans just have to content themselves with what they can scour online.


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I do suggest, however, that fans practice vigilance when reading any updates regarding our beloved series. Spoilers, or should I say speculations, abound online. And as much as I want to know now if the remaining Starks have finally reunited or if Daenerys has arrived successfully in Westeros, I refuse to click that spoiler-full link. I suppose one of the many reasons GoT remains a very successful series is that fans eagerly anticipate each episode regardless of the multitude of spoilers available online.ep60-ss11-1920

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Now, if you are looking for ways to pass the time before season 7 begins, here are some suggestions:

Relive the tale once more by re-watching seasons 1 to 6. I know many fans do this, probably looking for hints or clues about future episodes.
Read the books. I think many fans have yet to read George R.R. Martin’s masterpiece. Now is the time to start. I believe one cannot fully appreciate GoT without reading the books.
Look for a new show to watch. HBO has a full lineup of programs for fans suffering GoT withdrawal. Streaming giant Netflix also has new and returning shows to offer. But among the many programs meant to address one’s GoT fix, “Vikings” is your best bet for an epic narrative.

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Rugby Basics: The Core Skills

Like any other sport, there are certain skills you must possess and hone to become a better player. It’s not enough to be good; you have to aim to be the best you can be. Here are the core skills you need to learn to be a pro Rugby player:

Ball handling

From how to grip the ball properly, to passing and catching the ball, mastering these basics can make all the difference. Practice a firm two-handed or one-handed grip on the rugby ball and do some drills for catching and passing. Whatever position you’re in, you have to be adept in these basic skills.

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You have to be fast but you also have to know when to slow down. Proper control and balance is a must for a rugby player. Focus on the key running skills like acceleration, deceleration, and changing directions.


A player should know a variety of ways to tackle their opponent by practicing the techniques in different situations. This is highly important and each player should be competent even in one-on-one scenarios.

JOHANNESBURG, SOUTH AFRICA - JULY 25: Willie le Roux of South Africa tackled by Charles Piutau of New Zealand during The Castle Lager Rugby Championship 2015 match between South Africa and New Zealand at Emirates Airline Park on July 25, 2015 in Johannesburg, South Africa. (Photo by Ashley Vlotman/Gallo Images)
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Practice games and actual games are vastly different so it’s a good idea to train decision-making skills as well. Being able to make decisions while under pressure can be crucial to the results of the game.

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