Two life lessons you can learn from watching ‘One Piece’

With well over 700 episodes and counting, any true fan will tell you that One Piece isn’t just an anime, but it’s a way of life. If you’ve been watching the show from day 1, you’ll have invested so enough emotion in the characters that when one of them died, you’d mourn. For this reason, “One Piece” has taught me more about life than any other piece of literature could.

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The following are just two of the countless life lessons one can learn from “One Piece.”

1. Never give up

The trope of most anime protagonists is their unwavering ability to remain optimistic and believe in their dreams despite moments of immense difficulty. Luffy has an unbreakable will, and he never doubts himself for a second.

2. You don’t always have to win to be a hero

There are many times characters in this show have given it their all, even though they knew they didn’t stand a chance. This anime taught me that even if trying is the best you can do, you can never feel ashamed because you tried your best. Thank you, Usopp.

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