The best heavyweight boxers post-Ali

Boxing can be divided into two eras – pre-Muhammad Ali and post-Muhammad Ali. If he didn’t say he was the greatest, someone else probably would have. There is very little doubt that Muhammad Ali was the greatest light the boxing world has ever known. Here are some of the other greats who came after Ali.

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Larry Holmes

Larry Holmes emerged at the tail-end of Ali’s career. He was the former sparring partner of Ali who would later beat and retire Ali. Often said to have had the greatest jab in heavyweight boxing history, Holmes defended his title 20 times, which is the second-most for heavyweights.

Mike Tyson

Much has been said about Iron Mike — but when he was at his peak, when he was Kid Dynamite, when Cus D’amato trained him, the world never saw a more terrifying, more dominant fighter. He had the power of George Foreman but had the speed and technique to focus it all on an opponent.

Evander Holyfield

Holyfield was as rugged and tough as he was mild-mannered. He could take punishment, and he could dish it out as well. What he lacked in technique, he made up for in endurance and stamina. And he was built like an oak tree.

Lennox Lewis

Speaking of technique, Lennox Lewis provided the blueprint of the technique for heavyweights in the modern era. He knew how to counter and conserve his strength for the later rounds. Lewis dominated much of the late ‘90s to the following decade.

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