The Other ‘Friends’: Recurring Cast Members That Made Us Laugh Nonstop

“Friends” may have ended more than a decade ago, but its wit and story still makes some (or most) of us laugh like there’s no tomorrow. Aside from our beloved main characters, there were recurring roles that made the show a bigger hit. Here’s a quick look on some of them.

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Frank Junior

This oddball was, undeniably, related to the great Phoebe Buffay. He was Phoebe’s weird half-brother, which kind of explains their relation. His weird, shocking lines made us love him more. Who wouldn’t forget when he shouted, “My sister is having my baby!”? I almost choked the first time I saw that scene!


Oh. My. Gawd! It’s Janice! She’s lovingly irritating, and we all knew why. Her love for Chandler was something that always made us do a facepalm, and her brief relationship with Ross made all of us laugh out loud. Her character was brilliant, and she’s something we can’t shake off our minds that easy.


The barista at Central Perk has a name. Gunther was always present, with his eyes glued to our Rachel. Remember that time he bought Rachel’s “cat” for more than a thousand dollars? Well, I bet that was an act of unconditional and creepy love.

Jack Geller

Jack Geller, the father of Monica and Ross, was the dad you always wanted to have but would be embarrassed to be seen in public with. He made scenes way funnier than planned with his inappropriate remarks.

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Mike Hannigan

It’s Crap Bag, the husband of Princess Consuela Bananahammock! Mike was surely the perfect fit for Phoebe, and we all loved how he stood up for her no matter what the situation was. I believe he came on the show a bit too late, but he’s better late than never!

I’m sure you miss “Friends” just like I do. Now, let me look for my boxset and indulge in a few episodes. Bye!

Jack Bonner here. I’m a college student from Arizona taking up finance. When I want to unwind, I binge-watch one of my favorite TV shows, ‘Friends.’ Check out my blog for more TV trivia.